Championship Tennis

Causes of Lack of Mental Toughness

   If I had a dime for every phone call I received like this… “Hello” “Hi my name is Mrs. Johansson. My child lost to a nobody again!  I hear that you can help.” Her voice cracks as she chokes back her emotions, “Chloe is so good but chokes and loses to seemingly less talented player? .. read more

Tennis Parent Communication

Let’s assume you are not a high performance tennis coach, but a loving tennis parent just the same.  As a tennis parent, your role is critical in the overall development of your child on and off the court.   Below I’ve listed ten important communication skills essential for the Tennis Parent:   Teach character building .. read more

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Tennis Gamesmanship

Let’s begin by clarifying. Handling gamesmanship is not just mental toughness, it is emotional toughness as well. Building the emotional muscles are learned behaviors. This month’s newsletter will assist you the parent in developing your child’s protocols essential to handling psychological warfare.   You may wonder when and why gamesmanship tactics are employed in match play?    Gamesmanship tactics routinely begin .. read more

On Court Outburst

Guess who was an angry emotional train wreck as a junior competitor? If you said Andre Agassi, Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, then you’re right! Moral excellence is a maturing process. Everyone can compete in a relaxed, happy state, but not everyone wants to. Negative behavior is often motor-programmed into a player’s routine. It is a .. read more

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