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Interview with Tennis Parent Coach Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson Sr. Interview Questions Steve Johnson Insights For those of you in the dark, Steve’s son Steve Johnson Jr. (Stevie), is a Southern California Junior National Champion, an NCAA Champion twice and at the age of 24 is currently ranked #67 on the ATP Pro Tour. This makes my friend Steve Sr. one of .. read more

Confronting Gamesmanship

Confronting Gamesmanship Q: How do we begin to educate our daughter about cheaters? A: Communicating about possible/probable scenarios and pre-setting your child’s correct response (protocols) is a great start.  Rehearse the solutions by setting up actual practice sets whereby the opponent is allowed to apply gamesmanship and your child has to rehearse their response sequence. .. read more

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Elite Tennis Parent Job Description

Week in and week out frustrated and confused tennis parents come to me for help. If the job description of an elite tennis parent were posted, surely not many applicants would apply. With “tongue firmly in cheek” I created a  Job Posting for an Elite Tennis Parent.  The point of detailing this incredibly difficult and .. read more

Tennis Gamesmanship

Let’s begin by clarifying. Handling gamesmanship is not just mental toughness, it is emotional toughness as well. Building the emotional muscles are learned behaviors. This month’s newsletter will assist you the parent in developing your child’s protocols essential to handling psychological warfare.   You may wonder when and why gamesmanship tactics are employed in match play?    Gamesmanship tactics routinely begin .. read more

Frank Giampaolo On-Line Interview

The following is an on-line interview Tennis Coach Alex Slezak had with Frank Giampaolo in October 2013   How did your career begin? While attending Ohio State University, my friends were talking about this great new opportunity working for the Greyhound Bus Factory after graduation. The starting pay was a whopping $9/hour versus the $4 .. read more

Practice with Purpose

The following post is an excerpt from The Tennis Parent’s Bible.  I have just updated my web site and I will be re-posting the blogs that have been deleted.  Thanks for visiting, Frank It’s Friday, the day before a local junior event, John the young hitting pro carefully feeds balls waist level, in the perfect .. read more