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“This book is a must read for any parent with a child who’s serious about competing in Tennis – or in any individual sport.”

Jon Wertheim, Exclusive Editor, Sports Illustrated


“Even if you think you are an ‘expert’ tennis coach or parent, you need to read this book.”

Johan Kriek, 2-time Grand Slam Champion Australian Open


“The Tennis Parent’s Bible is filled with invaluable information that any tennis parent or coach will benefit from in their quest to help children reach their full potential.”

Nick Saviano, WTA Professional Tennis Coach, Saviano High Performance Tennis


“Frank is quickly becoming one of the games most respected and influential teachers. As the coach of a #1 WTA player, I recommend The Tennis Parent’s Bible to anyone serious about developing a champion.”

Sam Sumyk, Former Coach of Victoria Azarenka


“A must have, compelling read. The second edition of The Tennis Parent’s Bible is a go-to guide to raising world class athletes & young adults. I highly recommend it.”

Peter Smith, USC Men’s Tennis Coach, 5-Time NCAA Champions


The Tennis Parent’s Bible (2nd Edition) brings clarity to the often terrifying journey of raising a champion. If you read only one book this year… This is the one.”

Dave Fish, Harvard University Men’s Tennis Coach


“The Tennis Parent’s Bible is a must read for any competitive tennis family. This book should be on each parent’s night stand and in every coach’s racket bag.

Craig Tiley, Tournament Director Australian Open, Director of Tennis, Tennis Australia


“There are few people who have earned as much respect in the tennis world. Frank is a positive visionary.”

Dick Gould, Stanford University (The most successful coach in college tennis history.)


“The Triangle between player, coach, and parent is full of speed bumps and sharp curves! Everyone wants to accelerate and speed ahead to the supposed finish line. Too often what should be a fun and rewarding journey gets forgotten. kudos to Frank for providing a roadmap to developing a better young tennis player, and a better relationship with their coaches and parents forever.

This is a great resource for every coach who wants to develop great players and most importantly, responsible young adults.”

Chuck Gill, President USPTA


“This book is excellent. Parents need it. Coaches must have it! Broad topics with one goal: to make athlete successful.”

Marcin Bieniek, Tennis Island Poland

“Frank Giampaolo has created a masterpiece for the competitive junior tennis player’s parents.  The Tennis Parent Bible, in its’ second edition, clearly spells out what tennis parents need to know and understand about how to navigate their tennis playing children through this maze of highly competitive and  performance driven tennis.  Don’t think about this one!  Just read it!”

Lane Evans, USPTA Elite Professional, iTPA Master Tennis Performance Specialist


“Frank is one of the most knowledgeable tennis coaches in the country. He has written, in my professional opinion, the best and most comprehensive tennis book for parents that I’ve read in my 55 –year tennis career.”

Desmond Oon, Ph.D., Former Davis Cup Coach (Republic of Singapore), Author, Master Pro USPTA


“A first-class book from a first-class coach. Frank is an encyclopedia of tennis knowledge, has extraordinary talents to share and is a model of professionalism. When all of these components come together, an excellent book such as The Tennis Parents Bible appears.

By educating yourself, your children will have better results. This book is a must read for parents to understand how to educate themselves and to appreciate the extensive process they, their children and their coaches are undergoing while their children are developing their tennis skills.”

Shaul Zohar, Manager, Kiryat Shmona Israel Tennis Center


The Tennis Parents Bible should be mandatory reading (with an annual rotating online quiz) that’s required for ALL PARENTS for their children to play in USTA events! Seriously. If parent training was required, it could change this sport in a powerful way for generations!”

Joe Dinoffer, President, Oncourt Offcourt, Ltd., USPTA and PTR Master Professional, Dallas, Tx.


“Reading The Tennis Parents Bible is like having a delicious conversation with a tennis guru who is generously sharing all of his knowledge, results and lessons learned. As a former tennis coach I’ve recommended this to hundreds of tennis families who come back to me within days overjoyed and excited. They feel like they finally can put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Quite simply it’s your go to guide that is already a classic must-read for every coach and tennis parent.”

Ian Bishop, CEO of Coachseek, New Zealand


“If you’re a parent who thinks you already know all there is to know…hold on, because you’re in for a bumpy ride.  This book is like turning a light on in a darkened room. I highly recommend it to any parent or coach serious about maximizing player potential.”

Angel Lopez, USPTA Master Professional, PTR Certified, Angel Lopez Tennis Academy


“I have been involved with tennis for 60 years and I have witnessed the development of the modern game. Frank has put together the most complete manual for Parents, coaches and players. I learned a lot from this book. It’s a must for every Parent and Coach who want to make the least amount of mistakes.”

Carlos A. Kirmayr, Centro De Treinamento Kirmayr, Brazil


“My favorite thing about Frank Giampaolo is his willingness to tell it like it is, no sugar-coating. We parents are sometimes treated too delicately by our child’s tennis coach for fear of upsetting the status quo. I know I can always rely on Frank to be brutally honest in our interviews and conversations which helps ParentingAces readers do a much better job of navigating the Junior Tennis Journey.”

Lisa Stone, ParentingAces.com


“Frank is a skilled lecturer & a top teacher. Now as an author, Frank has written one of the most important developmental books I’ve seen in my 60 years of teaching. This should be required reading for every inspiring parent, player or coach!”

The Late Vic Braden’s Review of the First Edition of The Tennis Parent’s Bible